On Baseball: From Microphone to Manager: Aaron Boone Makes It Official

“It’s not a short-term decision, it’s a long-term effort,” Cashman said. “We’re betting on the ceiling of Aaron Boone and what he brings.”

Boone brings some of the résumé bullet points that seem to now be essential for the job. He is the 12th current manager to meet all of these criteria: no previous major league managing experience; between 40 and 53 years old; and at least some college education.

“He’s going to be very relatable to players, very relatable to the front office, very relatable to the media, and that’s going to give him a very good, well-rounded appeal to get his messages across and get his vision put in place,” Hinch said. “He’s going to be able to implement whatever model program he wants.


Boone and his…

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